7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 53)

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We started back with lessons, truly one of our best weeks in a long time, our first day was awesome indeed. Carpenter quipped that normally first day back means Triple Ts; Tears, Tantrums and Traumatisation. Instead it was “totally wicked!”

After sharing last week I took time to plan for my littles. After family prayers the younger three and I head into the library for Kindy Time, we start with the My Jesus and I Chart, talking about the picture of the day and discussing the lesson. Then using the Little Saints preschool program as a spine we read lots of picture books and maybe enjoy an art project. They’re happy to have Mum for half an hour and I love that special time with them.

Our 11 and 8 year olds are enjoying lots of living books in their learning again. Currently we are reading a fun literature book, a saints book and a nature book. They are loving Science as we learn about “How Things Work,” and playing with K’nex is not a hardship;)

Our teens worked with a will, the boys have chosen to concentrate on one subject at a time, in one week they have completed a whole term’s work of a particular subject. Koala prefers the piecemeal approach. Story of the World Vol 4 continues to be a huge hit with the boys. They love the ‘big picture’ approach and find the many wars interesting.

At the beginning of the term I announced to my children, “Now I want no whining, no complaining when I explain your Geography plans this term, I mean it now, you have to play the computer!” I’m sure you can imagine their response;)
We are using the Globalmania ebook that is intended to teach you the Mastery of World Geography in 7 months. Easy to follow and based on online geography games it is totally fun. In one week my oldest two can locate all European countries scoring 100% in just over a minute! Currently we are playing the first game from wartoft I am soo determined to beat dh.
Finally my children are learning map knowledge of the world at a rapid rate.

I did finally plan our liturgical festivities for the next couple of months:) and PC and I have re-vamped our liturgical year resources into a spreadsheet:)

We are thinking and praying for this very special young lady who will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation tomorrow night. I am honoured to be her Sponsor, although I can’t be there in person I’ll be there in spirit. We are also thinking and praying for her siblings who are also receiving their Sacraments{{}}

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