A Real House!

On Saturday we were rather excited to begin painting the front exterior wall,

our biggest expanse of wall, and the first noted as you travel down the driveway.

The warm tones look far more inviting than the white undercoat

The time passed quickly with the lovely company

Our next decision is, what colour to paint the front door?

Now it is starting to look like a real house.

6 Responses

  1. Looking Great! However the old part looks tiny compared to it.

  2. are some lovely front steps next on the list?
    If you want subtle maybe a green like your gutterings or if you want it to stand out maybe a heritage red for the door.

  3. A beautiful house for a wonderful family!

  4. Can you stain the timber a little darker than current colour? This looks fantastic Erin. We Visited our house tonight and I am rather daunted by the millions tasks ahead. You must all know so much after doing this journey for so long. Be proud. Xx

  5. RED!! A autumn leaf RED door 🙂 Your home is looking amazing! I love how you have the whole family chipping in 🙂 Cheers SUe

  6. Thanks for your encouragement:)We are indeed planning on red, a heritage red:)

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