Nasreen’s Secret School – Jeanette Winter
Based on a true story, set in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime, in 1996-2001.  Nasreen’s parents are taken away by the Taliban and she stops speaking. Her grandmother desperately enrolls her in a secret school for girls.  A new friend, a devoted teacher and the world of books finally encourages Nasreen to talk.   Excellent text, lovely illustrations.
This book opened up a totally new world to my children and there was much to discuss, the Taliban, persecution, the importance of education, Afghanistan history and achievements, people’s determination to overcome adversity.  5 Star

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  1. Karen
    assume all books are from the library, when it is a mix from my home library and town library I will asterix town library books. You are of course welcome to borrow any of our books too:) Let me know what you think of Nasreen.

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