A True Story From Afghanistan

Nasreen’s Secret School – Jeanette Winter
Based on a true story, set in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime, in 1996-2001.  Nasreen’s parents are taken away by the Taliban and she stops speaking. Her grandmother desperately enrolls her in a secret school for girls.  A new friend, a devoted teacher and the world of books finally encourages Nasreen to talk.   Excellent text, lovely illustrations.
This book opened up a totally new world to my children and there was much to discuss, the Taliban, persecution, the importance of education, Afghanistan history and achievements, people’s determination to overcome adversity.  5 Star

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  1. Just reserved it form the library….thank you!

    I only realised recently that you were reviewing books from our library – now I pay more attention.

  2. Karen
    assume all books are from the library, when it is a mix from my home library and town library I will asterix town library books. You are of course welcome to borrow any of our books too:) Let me know what you think of Nasreen.

  3. Thanks Erin. Enjoyed Ramadan Moon and have just reserved Hiding from the Nazis.

  4. Karen
    Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback:):)

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