Advent Checklist 2009

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*As I mentioned in my letter to New Mums, please, please, remember we have been celebrating Christmas for 17 years and our traditions have only gradually evolved.

It is two years since I wrote an Advent planning post. As we have added more traditions since, and I never did finish outlining our plans, I thought it would be beneficial(for me) to update.

I had a discussion recently with a friend as to why do I make a planning list for Advent.
Simply put I loath shopping, so that I may relax and enjoy Advent I need to shop prior too, being out of town also inhibits last minute dashes to the shops.
Planning also helps me gather my thoughts together.
I know from experience if I don’t plan then many of the traditions we enjoy wouldn’t happen.

Prior to The First Sunday in Advent

– Purchase pudding ingredients for ‘Stir-up Sunday'(First Sunday in Advent)

– Bring the Christmas book box from the shipping container and place books on the ‘picture book display shelves.’
– Reserve Christmas titles from the library.
– Organise books into a reading list, courtesy of Jenn.

Pull Advent decorations out of storage.
– Advent wreath ‘skeleton.’ PC made an Advent wreath for our first Christmas together, we had been married for 2 weeks. He twisted a frame from bullwire. I’m sure you can imagine the sentimental value. (I must share a picture)
– gather greenery to decorate.
– Purchase candles (Thank goodness I have some, none to be had in town)
– Print out Blessings and Prayers for Advent Wreath.

– Christmas tree and purple decorations
Advent Pocket Calendar and Felt Figures
– Nativity Scenes minus the Child Jesus
Advent Manager The children will place a straw for all good deeds throughout Advent in the manager in the anticipation of Baby Jesus having a soft place to lay his head.
– Straw for the manager

– Sign up for Advent Adventures
– Organise Kris Kingle ballot (The children shall perform secret deeds for one another throughout Advent)
-Order Destination Bethlehem.

– Make a Jesse Tree this year. It’s been many years since we have had one. Also print the readings and prayers.
– Make O Antiphon decorations and print prayers.

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