Australian History

Australian History - Core
Bush Life 20th Century
Australian - Convicts/Early Settlement
Depression 1930s
Australian - Discovery
Australian - Early Exploration
Gold Rush
Modern History
Pictorial Social Studies

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  • Rachel Hopper

    I stumbled across your site and took a deep breath after a day of agonising about sourcing a year 9 curriculum for my daughter who will begin homeschooling 2020. We are Catholic and have discerned homeschooling for the past year and have finally felt it is the right time to make to jump. I currently homeschool my 7 year old using my own resources from IEW, Mammoth Math, Baltimore Catechism memory work, Hurlbuts Bible Study, and Story of the World Series. I have found a rhythm with Jyson who has a significant brain injury and he is thriving.
    On the other hand I am absolutely stressing out of my brain with how to go about teaching my almost 14 year old daughter who has done well academically in a Catholic school. She is very keen to begin homeschooling for faith reasons and to be infused with some more awe and wisdom through learning.
    Can I ask for any wisdom you can impart for homeschooling a year 9 student with the Catholic Faith and while meeting the NSW requirements? I have looked at Mother of Divine Grace School and Seton, but they seem very intense and would need altering to match the NESA requirements.
    It has been a great blessing to see your top ten resources, especially that if Didache. Thanks for you’re time and I appreciate that you’re one busy mum so please only respond if and when you can.

    Peace be with you,
    Rachel Hopper

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