Australian – Bush Life 20th Century

Illalong Children – Banjo Paterson

Banjo’s reminisces are written in his old age for his granddaughters. They describe his boyhood spent on sheep and cattle stations in New South Wales, and include descriptions of the wildlife, the countryside, early schooldays and some unforgettable bush characters.

The Flying Doctor – Barry Brown

The story of John Flynn, Presbyterian missionary to the inland of Australia, who created the Flying Doctor Service.

A Fortunate Life – A.B. Faacey

Autobiography. Born in 1894, Facey lived the rough frontier life of a sheep farmer, survived the gore of Gallipoli, raised a family through the Depression and spent sixty years with his beloved wife, Evelyn. Despite enduring hardships we can barely imagine today.

A poor horse-breaker’s son at the turn-of-the-century contracts polio. There is no prevention and no cure. His legs and back are affected forever. Just about anyone in this situation is likely to become resigned to a cripple’s life of  boredom and limitations. Except… This is Alan, a boy with the indomitable spirit, an extraordinary family, and superb friends. He beats the odds, learns to do everything a healthy boy should be doing (simple – he thinks he IS a healthy boy!)  It’s heartwarming and inspirational.

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