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The Story of Captain Cook- Ladybird History Book

The story of one of the greatest sailors, navigators, and explorers ever to sail from the shores of England. It is at least in part due to him, as this story tells, that Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are today members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

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Chapter Books



The Voyages of Matthew Flinders – Max Colwell

With pictures, sketches and plates, maps and drawings, this is a voyage by voyage account of the ambitious adventures of the young explorer.


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On Board the Boussole, the Diary of Julienne Fulbert, Laperouse’s Voyage of Discovery, 1785-1788 by Christine Edwards follows the adventures of a young girl disguised as a cabin boy aboard Laperouse’s ship when he makes the voyage to Botany Bay.


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Ned’s Kangaroo – Vashti Farrer

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Matthew Flinders – George Finkel

Part of the Australians In History Series, the story of Matthew Flinders the adventurous young man.


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The Voyages of Captain Cook – Dan O’Keefe


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The Young Sailor; The First Voyage 1768-1771; The Second Voyage 1772-1775; The Third Voyage 1776-1780; Map of Cook’s Three Voyages

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Aboard the Endeavour; Cook’s Voyage 1768-1771-  Bruce Stannard

A well-illustrated account of Cook’s first voyage,told from the fictional diary of a young crew member, interest 8-16 yrs.

Reproduced watercolour drawings of the Endeavour and daily life aboard are fascinating.

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Older Audience

The Devil’s Own – Deborah Lisson
Definitely a book for an older audience, teenagers. The story of the shipwreck of the Batavia told through the eyes of a fictional girl who time warps back. Many horrible events happened after the Batavia was wrecked, they are told in this story although not in an overly gruesome manner. Suggestion would be to read the book yourself first.

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