Australian – Gold Rush

Riding for Gold – Merle Cazaly

A story of prospecting in Victoria, Australia in the 1850s.

Gully of Gold – Mavis Thorpe Clarke

The Hog’s Back – Ruth Fischer

The story of the men who made Broken Hill.

When Cobb and Co Was King – Will Lawson

A young man achieves his ambition to drive for Cobb and Co. and finds adventure and romance in the Australian outback in the 1860’s with stories of bushranger hold-ups, races and the first Melbourne Cup.

The Golden Dream- Nancy Keesing

The adventures of George Ogilvie Preshaw who as a boy of 12 with his family took part in the great Victorian gold rush of 1852. In his teens he went to work for the infant Bank of New South Wales; later he served as one of their officers on the New South Wales goldfields of Kiandra and Lambing Flat.

Tessa and the Golden Dragon – Pamela O’Connor

Southern Rainbow – Phyllis Piddington

Rough Road South- Valerie Thompson

The first in a trilogy,  When fourteen year old Rob’s older brother dies, he is left alone in Sydney and must make his way alone to Melbourne to reach his uncle. He meets a fascinating group of people along the way  from gold seekers to an American gambler and bushrangers.

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