Australian History – Core Books


Younger Children

Great Events in Australian History- Alan Boardman, Alan and Roland Harvey

The Australia Book – Eve Pownall
For younger children.

They Live in Australia- Eve Pownall

Exploring Australia- Eve Pownall

Australia From the Beginning- Eve Pownall

8-12 Years

Australian Sea Stories -Compilation by Cassell

Australian Explorers Cassell -Compilation by Cassell

Australian Australian Aviators -Compilation by Cassell

Australian Bushrangers-Compilation by Cassell

Australian Pioneers -Compilation by Cassell

History of Australia – Manning Clark, Meredith Hooper 

Primary/Lower Highschool
Our Heritage-History of Catholic Church in Australia – Foreward by Duffy CJ

The Family Book of Mary Claire – Eleanor Spence

Dr Karl’s Great Australian Facts and Firsts- Kruszelnicki, Karl

Provides information on scientific discovery and endeavours. Presenting the facts behind the success stories, the author also tells the reader about the disasters. It is intended for ages 8+.


A Short History of Australia – Manning Clark

I read this in University  but believe an upper higshcool student could handle this.

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