Australian – Pioneers

Picture Books

The Great Bullocky Race – Michael Page

Long picture book. Enjoyable story of two great bullocky’s whom with their respective young son and daughter ‘raced’ loads of wool to the ships when the Murray was in drought. Highly recommended.

Chapter Books

To Ride a Fine Horse – Mary Durack

The children and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story is set in 1913, the year after the Titanic sank, this is the story of the voyage to Australia made by the seven Finnegan children and their mother. Their ship also hits an iceberg, although luckily it is saved by the Finnegan family:) It gives a very real picture of the journey out by ship to Australia. The Finnegan’s were one of many Irish families who emigrated to Australia.

They Came South and The Brown Land Was Green- Mavis Thorpe Green (1839)

Derring –Do –Mary- The Story of Mary McKillop – Sr M Margaret

The only book I have found on Mary MacKillop written for young children. A most thorough account of Blessed Mary of the Cross-’ life and the legacy she left.

An unusual story of a spinster who decides to bring out ten orphans from her English village for the chance of a new life. An enjoyable story and a courageous woman. A Bethlehem Book.

Jamboree Road – Eleanor Spence
Following on from the Switherby Pilgrims the children are growing and venturing forth with their lives.

Bennelong.- Joan Phipson

A Saddle at Bontharambo – H.J Samuel

A true story of a pioneering family who leave Sydney district and set out for Victoria. Australia’s own ‘Ingalls family’. A great favourite of ours.

Baker’s Dozen – Celia M Syned

The Generations of Man- Judith Wright

The story of the poet Judith Wright’s pioneering forebears in NSW and Queensland

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