World War 1

Picture Books:

Simpson and His Donkey – Mark Greenwood
Two boys grow up in London together.  One boy, Jack, sails to Australia seeking adventure.
Jack lands in Gallipoli as a stretcher-bearer.  He enlists a donkeys help to tirelessly carry wounded soldiers to the hospital.  A strange twist of fate brings the friends together one last time.  5 Stars, Highly Recommended.

Set on a ‘birding’ island off Tasmania, Australia just as the War breaks out.  A young girl is friends with a young man who leaves for the War.  We share in her grief when the news comes of his death.
Titles for Anzac Day:

Most Australians know of Simpson and his donkey, who became heroes at Gallipoli, even among the Turkish forces. Did you know another man carried on rescuing the wounded with the donkey after Simpson died? A story of Anzac heroism.

Soldier Boy – Anthony Hill
The true story of Jim Martin, the youngest Anzac.
On 28th June 1915, young James Martin sailed from Melbourne on the troopship Berrima, bound ultimately for Gallipoli. He was just 14 years old. This is Jim’s extraordinary story of how an enthusiastic school boy became Australia’s youngest Anzac.


The story of Gallipoli – Patrick Carylon
Full of pertinent information, written so children can easily understand the real meaning behind events of Gallipoli.


World War 2

Brothers in Arms – Graeme Farmer

The year is 1942, and Joey is evacuated from Sydney, for fear of bombing by the Japanese, and sent to stay with his aunt in a small town in the country. Ignoring his aunt’s warnings, he goes exploring in the hills, and is trapped in an old mineshaft for days. Everyone thinks he has been hallucinating when he claims that he was rescued by a Japanese soldier, and he can’t quite believe his own memories, until he goes hunting in the hills again, and finds something quite extraordinary…

Shimpu-San: Healer of Hate – Jim Brigginshaw

The Life of Father Tony Glynn. 

Father Glynn was very influential in the reversal of the White Australia policy. He worked tirelessly, in the years following the Second World War, for reconciliation between Australia and Japan.

Set during and after World War 2 in the outback town of Alice Springs. Recommended for teens and adults. Parents may prefer to pre-read.

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