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Eleanor Elizabeth  – Libby Gleeson

An adventure in which past and present meet, and in which Eleanor finally learns to feel at home in the strange but beautiful Australian bush country.

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The Incredible Steam Driven Adventures of Riverboat  Bill – Cliff Green

Further Adventures of Riverboat Bill- Cliff Green 

Riverboat Bill Steams Again  – Cliff Green

Riverboat Bill teams on – Cliff Green

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The Silver City  – Ion Idriess

Cattle King – Ion Idriess

Flynn of the Inland – Ion Idriess

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All in the Blue Unclouded Weather – Robin Klein
A collection of interlinked stories set in the late 1940s in an Australian country town, which focus on the four young Melling sisters.  Each story links the girls and their friends together in a variety of domestic events and problems.

Dresses Of Red & Gold – Robin Klein

This is the sequel to “All in the Blue Unclouded Weather”, about the four Melling sisters growing up in Wilgawa in the 1940’s.

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Lizard Log  – Christobel Mattingley

Black Dog – Christobel Mattingley

Big Swim – Christobel Mattingley

The Special Present – Christobel Mattingley

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The Shape of Three – Lillith Norman

Climb a Lonely Hill – Lillith Norman

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Poppy Faces the World – Pixie O’Harris


The Getting of Wisdom- Henry Handel Richardson

When Laura Rambotham arrives at an exclusive Melbourne girls school from her country home, she is ridiculed by the other pupils for her differences, her name, her unusual clothes and especially for her “unpardonable sin” – her exceptional musical ability.

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Three Little Maids – Ethel Turner

The Conway family migrate to Australia from England, and find their creativity and refinement tested as they come to terms with boys, business, and a new world. Fate and tragedy forges a bond between the Conways and an Australian doctor and his sons.

Seven Little Australians – Ethel Turner is an Australian classic written in 1894 by Ethel Turner. This her series of the escapades of a family of seven children. These children are not angels, they are a wild mob but they have touched the hearts of many an Australian. I well remember first reading the book as a child. I loved the children, I laughed with them, was shocked at some of their naughtiness and how I cried at the climax of the story. No I won’t spoil the story for you, suffice it to say I cried for days.
The sequels of Seven Little Australians

The Family at Misrule – Ethel Turner

Mother’s Little Girl – Ethel Turner

Judy and Punch – Ethel Turner
When Captain Woolcot finds it impossible to manage his high-spirited daughter Judy, she is sent away to boarding school. On the way she meets up with Punch, and her longing for home begins to grow.

Little Mother Meg – Ethel Turner

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The Little Larrikin – Ethel Turner
The Cub – Ethel Turner
Funny – Ethel Turner

Miss Bobbie – Ethel Turner

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The Pioneers- Katharine Susannah Prichard

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Jamie’s Summer Visitor – Betty Roland

Jamie’s Other Grandmother – Betty Roland
The Bush Bandits – Betty Roland

Forbidden Bridge – Betty Roland

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Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill – Dorothy Wall

Blinky Bill, the mischievous little koala, is one of the best-known and best-loved characters in Australian children’s fiction.  The scrapes and adventures in which naughty Blinky takes such enthusiastic pleasure (to the despair of his mother, Mrs Koala), and the bush creatures he meets along the way, are greatly entertaining.

Brownie – Dorothy Wall  

Short Chapter Books

Based in the depression years of the 1930s.  A swagman comes into the life of a country family, a good glimpse of country life in that time era.  Suitable for younger children.

Longtime Dreaming – Hesba Brinsmead
Longtime Passing – Hesba Brinsmead

Once there was a Swagman – Hesba Brinsmead

Chapter Books

Pastures of the Blue Crane – Hesba Brinsmead
A thought provoking book , a close look at the perceptions and prejudices of whites towards the South Sea Islanders.  A book for later teenagers.  A favourite of mine.

A Sapphire for September – Hesba Brinsmead

Listen to the Wind – Hesba Brinsmead

A young girl defies boundaries set by the local communities of whites and Islanders when she offers a young Islander the opportunity to join her in partnership of a fishing boat.

Season of the Briar  – Hesba Brinsmead

The Billabong Books – Mary Grant Bruce
One of my favourites from childhood are the Billabong books. Set in rural Victoria early last century this series follows the life and adventures of a motherless girl Nora, her brother Jim and his best mate Wally. Presiding over this happy group is their indulgent yet wise father who is all things to Nora, father, mother and best friend. This series of books set in the Australian bush, recounts the adventures of the Linton family living on a station called “Billabong”. The saga stretches from 1910 to 1942, with the tumult of the period reflected in these incident-packed books.

The Little Bush Maid – Mary Grant Bruce
The first book opens with Nora at ten years of age, still at home with her brother away at boarding school.  In subsequent books we follow Nora leaving her beloved father and ‘Billabong’ to go away to school, her many adventures as she grows up, the war years, her marriage and her own motherhood. This saga stretches from 1910 to 1942.



Peter and Co. – Mary Grant Bruce

Circus Ring – Mary Grant Bruce

Golden Fiddle – Mary Grant Bruce

The Balfours are a very poor family, living in the farming community of Gippsland, Victoria, but happy despite it all. When working hard to make money, they dream of what would happen it they ever became rich.
Told By Peter – Mary Grant Bruce
Possum – Mary Grant Bruce
Seahawk – Mary Grant Bruce
Jackie French is an amazingly prolific writer with a wide genre. Fiction and non-fiction for both children and adults, Jackie has written to date 132 books!!! An avid gardener she has written many books on gardening for both adults and children. She is also a passionate nature lover, particularly of wombats which also feature in her books. But my particular favourites are her history novels, mmm I wonder why that is??

*I would recommend parents to pre-read some of Jackie’s books as to age appropriateness and if they are the correct fit for your family.

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Firestorm – Roger Vaughann Carr
An adventure story based on the actual events of Ash Wednesday in February 1983 when huge areas of Australia were devastated by the most destructive bush fires there had been for many years.

New Golden Mountain – Mavis Thorpe Clark  

The Iron Mountain – Mavis Thorpe Clark

The Min-Min- Mavis Thorpe Clark

The Hundred Islands  – Mavis Thorpe Clark

Seventeen-year-old Greg’s concern with preserving the wildlife of the hundred islands in Australia’s Bass Strait leads him to defy his father and set out on his own path toward the future.

Sky Is Free – Mavis Thorpe Clark

A story of friendship and adventure when two runaway boys meet in the Australian outback and work together in an opal mining town.
The Brown Land is Green – Mavis Thorpe Clark

Nowhere to Hide – Mavis Thorpe Clark

Wildfire – Mavis Thorpe Clark

Pony from Tarella – Mavis Thorpe Clark

The River Kings  – Max Fatchen

Shawn runs away from home to join Captain Elijah on the Lazy Jane, an old river boat trading on the River Murray in Australia at the turn of the century. But he finds that life aboard is tough and the Captain has his enemies – particularly Red Morgan, the fearful red- bearded river pirate.

The Spirit Wind – Max Fatchen

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