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The Magic Hat – Mem Fox

One fine day, from out of town – and without any warning at all – a magic hat appears in the sky. It tumbles and bounces through the air and makes magic wherever it lands. Everyone is delighted as, one by one, the townspeople are transformed into giant playful animals. And then a wizard arrives….



Possum Magic – Mem Fox















Koala Lou – Mem Fox






Harriet, You’ll Drive me Wild! – Mem Fox











Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge – Mem Fox

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Gumnut Babies: Book 2 – May Gibbs
A collection of some of May Gibb’s most charming ‘bush babies’ stories. These stories include: “Flannel Flowers and Other Bush Babies”; “Wattle Babies”; “Boronia Babies and Gum-blossom Babies”; plus “Nuttytub and Nittersing”. These are intended for ages 7+.


Gumnut Land Adventures: Book 3 – May Gibbs
This trio of stories includes: “Chucklebud and Wunkydoo”, where two inquisitive Gumnuts leave home in search of a wise kookaburra; “Scotty in Gumnut Land”, the adventures of the dog Scotty and his friends; and “Mr and Mrs Bear and Friends”, where we meet all Mr and Mrs Bear’s friends.



Snugglepot and Cuddlepie – May Gibbs


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Dreadful David – Sally Farrell Odgers & Craig Smith

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The Possum Creek Olympics – Dan Vallely

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The Very Best of Friends – Margaret Wild

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