This term we’re studying Australian explorers,  specifically our Inland explorers.  When gathering  resources I recalled this set of books with great fondness.  The series is titled ‘Pictorial Social Studies’  with a little logo labelled  ‘Australian Visual Education’.

Published in 1958, with 55 books in the set, covering not only Australian history but social studies worldwide.  My favourite however are the Australian history books, covering the Settlement and expansion, exploration, Gold and more.

Written in comic form they are chock full of information without overloading and the visual presentation totally engages the children, ‘whetting the appetite’ for more information. Australian history buffs, I suggest you check out ebay and gumtree.

One reason I know they are totally effective in imparting knowledge is, I’ve used these series before.
Recently my brothers B(30) & K(28) were discussing a visit to the Blue Mountains which that had undertaken with overseas visitors, they had regaled the group with factual information about Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth’s incredible feat crossing the Blue Mountains. The group listened spellbound as they bombarded them with historical detail, the visitors much impressed asked how they knew so much? A question I was keen to have answered myself when the story was recounted to me. Brother B reminded me, “You taught me”
“I did?”
“Remember that comic book you read to us?”  Well yes but the boys were all of 6 & 8 then.  Amazing that they both remembered over two decades later!!

Inside of each cover is a map.  Without further ado, displaying the contents below, as I’m certain my friends Jeanne and Angela, amongst others are eager to see:)

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  1. I am looking at my set now which my parents gave me in 1958 ,and still sometimes browse through them .
    The sure beat looking at a computer .
    These books were the reason I received an A in History in what was called our Junior Exam (grade 10 )

  2. My husband and I are visiting his parents in Bundaberg. My MIL took me out to the back shed to go through some boxes of books, amongst which are:

    Pictorial Social Studies folders with booklet inside, condition fair to good (though all need clean up), published Australian Visual Education, series numbered 1-25, but with no copyright date, have 20 of these 25, and series unnumbered with copyright 1960, have 30 of these.

    Have seen them for sale on eBay for $13 each (!!!) but we'd be happy with $5 each. If anyone wants them, please let me know ASAP 🙂

  3. Thanks Erin.
    Our comic book, FIGHT THE POWER!, has one section about the Australian workers general strike and protests of 1917. The old books had a chapter about the Eureka rebellion of the 1840's i think. So i came across them that way. i often do hisorical and social issue books.

    Would certainly like to see more of these. Yes, im Japan, though Im a Scot.


  4. Sean
    Um I'm Erin, sorry, not willing to sell but I'd love for you to be able to look at them somehow, I notice you are in Japan, you may be able to find copies online 2nd hand. Were you thinking of doing more modern versions?

  5. Chareen
    more than happy to post to you, just ask when ready.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see some on ebay and gumtree.

    Does this mean you have book shelves now?:)

    I've enjoyed looking at old treasures you've posted lately too:)

    I'm happy to post to you too if you want to borrow:)

    Let me know if you're successful:)

  6. I did a search for these recently after you mentioned them on my blog. They look fascinating. I've been looking out for them irl, but haven't found any yet. Thanks for sharing!

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