Books Read Aloud – January Thru May, 2016

Each month I have intentions of writing and sharing scintillating reviews of the books I’ve read that month, the embarrassing truth though is, the sheer amount of books I devour is daunting so I abandon my post midway and return to reading. Perhaps I should adopt Modern Mrs Darcy’s approach and share, “three books I love, one I […]

31 Day Photography Challenge: Linkup Week Two

We’re currently hosting a 31 Day Photography Challenge here on the blog and would love to have you join us 🙂 A great way to take your photography up a step, pick up your camera and practice, practice and practice.   To join us is simple, just share your post link below and we will […]

My Daybook: 10th May, 2016

Outside my window… there is the most glorious sunrise, I’ve just spent several moments outside trying to capture the colours, I’ll try again tomorrow with the tripod I am thankful… so extremely thankful for my talented husband who has just finished creating the most incredible home library a book loving girl could have 🙂 Several […]

Library Ready And Waiting

  Once our library floor had been laid it was time to turn our focus to sanding and polyurethane-ing the floor, therefore last weekend we hired a sander and began our first foray into finishing a floor. After PC ran the industrial sander over the floor a few times; Michelangelo, Princess and PC puttied all the nail holes. When […]

31 Days Photography Challenge: Linkup Week One

Last week I invited you to join us for 31 Days of Photography, challenging and stretching ourselves to take our photography ‘up a notch’. Perhaps you’ve dived in and have been snapping away the last few days, or perhaps you have been frozen in indecision, wanting to join the fun but not quite sure how you […]

31 Day Photography Challenge: May 2016

  Improving our photography skills is something many of us long to do but for many it seems an impossible dream. I indeed relate as I was once a dreadful photographer, think headless, dark and blurry, thanks to the advent of the digital camera my family begun to retain their heads. More recently my skills continued to improve indeed […]

Library Floor Has New Look

Two weekends ago we began preparations for laying the flooring in our new library. As I’ve shared previously our timber is second hand timber, stored for several years from when we salvaged all the timber from a two storey Convent school prior to demolition. First task is to clean the floorboards from decades of dirt, accumulated as they sat under […]