9 Tips For A New Homeschooler From An Old Homeschooler

We’ve been parenting/homeschooling for over¬†two decades now, doesn’t it sound like a long time, not sure if it feels long or not ūüėČ One of the gifts of having several¬†children over a twenty year span is our¬†hard won wisdom doesn’t ‘go to waste’, our younger children benefit from our earlier experience. We’d like to share […]

Tearing Down Walls and Building Anew

  The weekend before last we gutted a couple of walls in the ‘old’ house; a wall at¬†the foreground and the wall to the right of this ‘yellow’ wall. ¬†Last weekend our task was to remove the ‘yellow’ wall, strip the lining off the wall beyond, then build a frame for this area which will […]

My Daybook: February 17th, 2016

Outside my window… the paddocks and skyline are covered by a smoke haze, the smell of smoke is strong, fires are burning on the distant mountains. We are in the fire ban season, fires are always a concern at this time of the year     I am thankful… for my husband, our children, our […]

Gutting Our Home

  Beginning a new building project involves a certain amount of logistical juggling, sometimes it means before one¬†project is¬†completed you need to switch to another task and complete it first. Thus it was when we recently began installing our front windows, preparing to install the second window we realised we needed to switch focus immediately. […]

An Improved Appearance

  As last year drew to a conclusion we embarked upon a mammoth month; preparing for and undertaking¬†re-roofing our ‘old house,’ then a whirlwind of events taking us from home, including our oldest Son’s College Graduation, Christmas and¬†holidaying in Sydney. Whilst we were away the two windows for the ‘new’ front wall were delivered. Once […]

KonMari and Culling Books

  In my previous post KonMari and Large Families I shared the desperation that led me to ‘listen’ to KonMari, how I adapted this method to met a large family’s needs and to what degree I ‘let go’ of many items in our home. It took us a week to blitz the whole house leaving […]

KonMari And Large Families

KonMari first came to my attention via internet buzz, I read posts and forum chat¬†with interest and was 7th on the library reservation list. ¬†A few weeks ago my friend began reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo¬†and sharing daily updates with me.¬† We wondered what could a Japanese mother of […]

Sights of Sydney: Day 3

  Tuesday was the¬†highly anticipated day we were¬†going to¬†Taronga Zoo!! and we were delighted that both the older boys were able to join us. ¬†Adding to the excitement was the fact we were traveling by ferry all the way; up the Parramatta River on the Rivercat and then via¬†the Taronga Zoo ferry across the Sydney […]