Our Library Taking Shape

Building work has continued here over the past few weeks. After gutting much of our ‘old’ house and building new walls, we then turned our attention to building and completing our new library. First we installed the insulation, a necessity in the hot summer months of Australia and also appreciated in the winter. Purchasing insulation […]

How to Raise a Family of Readers – Guest Posting

I’m certain it’s apparent to all that we’re rather passionate about books and reading here. Reading in our household is an integral part of our family culture and highly valued. Simply, reading is something we do as a family. Today I’m chatting over at Sunlit Pages about how PC and I have fostered a love of books and reading within each […]

Catholic Picture Books – April

We love celebrating the liturgical year through reading books, an easy and memorable way. We are blessed to have collected many books of various saints; short stories, chapter books and picture books. Sharing our picture book collection for the month of April, which is admittedly rather small, if you know of any others to recommend […]

9 Tips For A New Homeschooler From An Old Homeschooler

We’ve been parenting/homeschooling for over two decades now, doesn’t it sound like a long time, not sure if it feels long or not 😉 One of the gifts of having several children over a twenty year span is our hard won wisdom doesn’t ‘go to waste’, our younger children benefit from our earlier experience. We’d like to share […]

Tearing Down Walls and Building Anew

  The weekend before last we gutted a couple of walls in the ‘old’ house; a wall at the foreground and the wall to the right of this ‘yellow’ wall.  Last weekend our task was to remove the ‘yellow’ wall, strip the lining off the wall beyond, then build a frame for this area which will […]