This Week in Learning: August 29th, 2015

As the last fortnight drew to a close I realised with surprise that we have only three weeks of Term 3 left. It’s been a solid term of learning and we’re rather proud of how hard all the children have worked. Speech Therapy Yippee, we’ve graduated weekly lessons. Well we have a huge pile of […]

Experimenting in the Kitchen

I’ve been trying a few recipes in the kitchen adding a new favourite and discovering a few ‘don’t repeats.’ Seed & Nut Balls – A huge favourite that we are making just about daily are these Jewel Bliss Balls, full of goodness with almonds, chia seeds, pepitas and sunflower seeds as well as yummies of […]

Designing My Kitchen – Wanna Help?

The pace is picking up once again on our building work, with the laundry now demolished and the last of the verandah work commencing in preparation for re-roofing the ‘old house,’ it’s time to make several major decisions. Building is like that, there is always a flow on effect, one job leads to another, one […]

Demolishing the Old Laundry

Finally the big day for which we’d been long working towards arrived, the day to pull down our old laundry, this will be replaced with a verandah, thus wrapping our verandah from one end of the house to the other. There were many eager hands to help with the demolition even the youngest two insisted […]

This Week in Learning: August 14th, 2015

Continuing to be excited about the learning that is happening this Term.  Solid, consistent progress, lessons not only about King Alfred and Japan’s closure to the West but lessons about diligence and time management. A friend and I were chatting yesterday, we’re both long term home-educators with graduates and several children still to educate, we […]

My Daybook: August 3rd, 2015

Outside my window… all is dark, it’s late and the house is settling I am thankful… that our boys all passed their driving tests.  Within the space of a couple of days all three older boys received new driver’s licenses. Michelangelo now has his Learner’s license (driving under supervision), Einstein passed to Green Ps (100km/hr) […]

This Week in Learning: July 31st, 2015

We began Term 3 strongly and have continued to power along in the two weeks since.  Rather excited as this is the most intense and productive our learning has been all year, lots of terrific learning happening:) Though admittedly it’s been a little challenging having to compete for their attention with the new chooks as they are […]