Planning Epiphany

After nearly two decades of planning for our home education journey I’m continually humbled as to how much I still have to learn. Two weeks ago I commenced my planning with the determination that this would be the term we’d correct all shortcomings, and began with the premise that our problems would all be solved by […]

Siblings 2015: July

This past week life has been ‘bursting at the seams’ with our oldest two lads and Carpenter’s girlfriend home on holidays. We instantly went from a home of mostly younger and ‘middle children’ to a home dominated by teens and young adults. The freezing weather we, along with most Australians are currently experiencing, put an […]

Please Don’t Say Cheese: Online Photography Course Review

Last week our ten year old said, “Before I have children I want to learn how to take really good photos so I can take good photos of my children.” Whilst she made me giggle she was ‘spot on,’ taking good photos of your children is important and something I wish I had learnt before […]

Kitchen Creativity: Wins & Losses

I’ve been enjoying a creative time in the kitchen recently, claiming quite a few wins along with a spectacular loss. Wins Kale Juice  I was rather dubious about the look of kale juice, it was so green! A friend reassured me it didn’t taste green and it didn’t. I love kale juice, it’s so refreshing. […]

‘Winter Workshops’ Create Enthusiasm

Term 2 came to a close yesterday here in New South Wales, though we aren’t stopping for a break yet. Partially because we haven’t achieved as much learning as optimal in the past month due to life’s interruptions, also we’re waiting until our two City boys come home in a fortnight to be able to […]