My Daybook: 16th November, 2017

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Outside my window… All is still, the chooks (chickens) free range in the paddock nearby where the kangaroos normally graze each morning I am thankful… for my husband and children ūüôā We recently enjoyed a week together on our family … Continued

Covering Books With Plastic: Dust Jackets

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Amongst my friends I have a reputation for being rather passionate about covering books, all books, with quality book plastic. I’m ahem, known for borrowing a book off a friend and returning it covered, some friends visit with their books … Continued

My Daybook: 14th June, 2017

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Can hardly believe two months have gone by since my last post! In over eleven years of blogging this is the longest I’ve gone without writing, I thought a Daybook would be a good way to break the ‘blogging drought’ … Continued

My Daybook: 13th March, 2017

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Outside my window… it’s dark even though it’s after 6am. Autumn has begun strongly and the days are already much shorter I am thankful… for our two new Parish priests, they arrived in late last year full of ideas and … Continued

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