Celebrating the ‘Little Way’ With Friends

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For our monthly gathering earlier this month we were blessed to be joined by a third friend and her family who drove 2.5hrs to join us!  After chit chatting we enjoyed lunch together .

Our theme this month was St Therese, after reading  Saint Therese by Father Gales(OOP) we discussed what is meant by ‘The Little Way’ and each child shared ways in which they could live ‘The Little Way’ in their daily lives.

Afterwards the children enjoyed a couple of crafts. ( I’m usually so busy I only manage to catch a shot or two).  This month we enjoyed colouring, word searchescrosswords, and making paper roses.
As always I had searched through Jessica’s archives for this month’s plans for inspiration, so quick, so easy, thank you Jessica!


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  1. How wonderful! I'm so glad that you were able to use my printables! It's nice to hear that they are being used! 🙂 I'm sure God will reward you for hosting these meetings! God bless you all!

  2. Sweet gathering!

  3. Jessica
    You're my 'go to' source, always! thanks{}

    they are sweet, enjoying the season:)

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