Computer Triage

When discussing with our teens what direction they wished to take with Science this term they were keen on studying and pulling apart small motors.  Then the idea of dismantling computers  was raised.

Contacting a friend they were excited to discover the R family had 5 computers not functioning which they were welcome to have. Ideally it was hoped they could salvage at least 2 for the R family.

A triage was formed,  computers were gutted and parts moved around.  Computer lingo began being bandied about; PC, DDR and DDR2 rams, LED fans, motherboards, hardrives, graphic cards, megabytes, gigabytes, kilobytes,  terrabytes, CPU chips all became common words in our family vocabulary.

PC was able to give direction and help, but what has astounded me was how much our teens already knew and how quickly they have absorbed new information.  It is impressive to see how successful they have been.

Sunday they mentioned their project to another friend and we were offered, and picked up, another three computers that were also going to be tossed.

Only two weeks into the project they have already learnt so much. They have successfully salvaged two computers and are currently rebuilding and upgrading various parts within their own computers.
The learning curve is steep and rapid:)

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  1. WOW.. Welcome to my life…your place looks like Dermots office…to get to the wireless printer, I need to make sure I am not treading on any Harddiscs, keyboards screws or little plugs etc.

  2. Wow! That is really impressive!

  3. Leanne
    How tricky!

    thanks Deanne:)

    So pleased we could impress you;) You are constantly impressing me.

  4. Hi Erin. I finally got over to share your family passion post. And I am impressed! It's amazing what kids can do. Thank you for the link. I enjoyed reading this.

  5. This post reminds me of my husband, who now heads up a successful team that services Apple products and builds iPad app's, among other things. He started off as a teen with a "computer triage" and still just loves taking something electronic apart to see how it works.

    Go guys!

  6. I wouldn't know where to start to take apart a computer or put one together. I am impressed! How did the project turn out? Thanks for Rewinding. I am a very late hostess this week x

  7. BM
    I can see my oldest son going this road. I love hearing your husband's story, thank you for the encouragement.

    I'm like you, totally impressed. The project morphed into a huge interest and knowledge about computers that is still continuing.

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