My Daybook: 10th June, 2016

dybk jun 4Outside my window…

the world it is in total darkness, I’m up very early carving a moment to write

I am thankful…

for the heavy deluge of rain on the weekend.  All three tanks are full, our dams are overflowing and there are patches of green grass.  Unfortunately many other towns and cities throughout our nation are flooded

I am thinking…

about my weekend away. I attended a Conference with great anticipation but sadly came away disappointed, which is a shame as I appreciate how much work and love the organisers poured into it. Upon reflection I realised I went with expectations. Expectations of refreshment, practical brainstorming and time to make friendships, twelve formal talks in ten hours sadly didn’t allow for thatdybk jun 7

Learning all the time…

literacy is our major focus at present, specifically reading for the youngest three and writing skills for the oldest three. Jack Jack (9) finally has become an independent reader!!! He announced with confidence this week, “I can read!” and thus he could. A belief in oneself is an important part of one’s reading journey. Yesterday he read all day long, his voice never stopped. Spurred on by JJ’s progress Jem has developed plans, his intention is to complete All About Reading Level 2 by July.  Three weeks to complete 37 lessons, he’s nothing if not ambitious! Bass (5) began All About Reading Level 1 this week and it’s such a pleasure to witness his excitement as he begins to build and decode words. He also is in a hurry, he wants to read as well as Mum, right now, tomorrow at the latest


Celebrating the liturgical year……

still attempting to read the ‘Saint of the Day’ daily, though not always achieving. Our Liturgical Year spreadsheet has been a blessing in directing me to our resources instantly, though it needs updating as we’ve several new picture books since I first compiled itdybk jun 5

From the kitchen…

movement forward has stagnated. Waiting for quotes from cabinet makers and glaziers has taken a couple of weeks, far longer than expected, an exercise in patience, failed that 😉 After plenty of researching we’ve ruled out purchasing our cabinets etc from Bunnings, Ikea and Masters and decided on a local cabinet maker, whose flat pack price is similar to the others and yet the quality is far higher. The window decision is proving elusive as frankly the options for a servery window are rather disappointing, so still not ordered. This means the kitchen hasn’t yet been gutted. Whilst the absence of the dining room ceiling and the hole in the back wall is a ‘little’ chilly during our winter nights, I confess I’m not looking forward to how much ‘cooler’ it will be when both external walls are removed


I am creating…

I’ve had great plans to pick up the camera more often and work on developing my skills in manual mode.  I have achieved a little progress but I need to carve more time for this pursuit

I am working on…

finalising paperwork for our annual homeschool sports carnival. This is an event PC and I organise, with both track and field events. We have 93 children registered this year so need to ensure all is in order for the day to run smoothly

dybk jun 2

I am going…

to my brother’s Wedding in three weeks. Imagine the Hunter Valley in the ‘dead of winter’, brrr for this warm weather gal I’m cold already.  I enjoyed a shopping day out with my youngest sister (24) and our second daughter (14), we successfully netted a dress, though I still need a coat and boats, the secret to Winter Wedding wear apparently is layers

I am praying…

  • for my brothers and their fiancees; the newly engaged, the soon to be married
  • for the crosses of other family members
  • for our children, always a constant petition

I am pondering….

alas no head space left, my thoughts are consumed with all I’m juggling at present: kitchen plans, sports carnival organising, plans for attending brothers’ Wedding and Engagement, regular logistics of creating a home and educating and nurturing the eight children under our roof and the other two who, whilst no longer living at home still play a part in family life dybk jun 1

I am reading…

The Long Way Home – Louise Penny – As always find Inspector Gamache mysteries riveting

I am listening to……

still alternating between my favourite podcasts; Read Aloud Revival and What Should I Read Next? on my morning walks.  As both ladies keep producing new podcasts I’m beginning to believe I’m never going to have time to listen to anyone else 😉

I am hearing…

all day, every day, we hear our girls singing together in happiness, siblings do indeed harmonise beautifullydybk jun 3

I am struggling…

still working on losing weight, a little sugar here and there adds up. Happily I have been semi-regular with my walks, though the early morning frost on the paddocks is daunting, though once I’m outside I find it a great way to start the day. Lately PC has taken to joining me which is special, though he does insist on us walking faster than I was 😉

Clicking around…

reading and commenting on my favourite blogs is all I’m managing at present

Around the house…

I’m endeavouring to turn a ‘blind eye’ to the piles of gyprock in my learning room, though as one has to climb up onto the stack to scramble out the back door an ‘open eye’ is more prudent. Yet another reason I long for the dining room ceiling to be onDSC_8104

One of my favorite things…

our property, so blessed to live a rural life where I daily see; kangaroos, the bush, sunrises and the stars

A few plans for this week…

huge week coming up, think I’ll survive by taking it one day at a time:

  • dance lessons x 2
  • my brother’s Engagement Party, a couple of hours away
  • our annual Homeschool Sports Carnival
  • soccer training x 3
  • Akido lesson

A little peek at my day…

a relatively relaxed day; academics in the morning, dance lessons in the afternoondybk jun 6


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4 thoughts on “My Daybook: 10th June, 2016

  • June 13, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    It’s always lovely to read about what’s happening in your home at the moment Erin. That sunrise is amazing! 🙂

    • June 20, 2016 at 5:55 pm

      Thank you for your words of support 🙂

  • June 14, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    I had been meaning to ask how your weekend conference was, I had brief thoughts about attending also. Your report and the heavy rain have left me relieved I didn’t push forward to make it happen. I feel I would have been disappointed too.

    Hope your kitchen plans make further progress soon. Interesting to hear about flat packs from a local cabinet maker.

    Great work on the sports day too! Much appreciated from our participants. 🙂

    • June 20, 2016 at 6:02 pm

      I’m sure you would have been on overload. However I did enjoy my time away with B, my roomie and local friend. Had a lovely time getting to know her more and listening to her testimony, powerful!!
      Ordered windows today, tweaked our kitchen plans with cabinet maker too. Very happy we are going that way. Nearly ready to do a ‘where we are now’ post
      Oh thank you, glad they enjoyed themselves, we always love having them 🙂


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