“It is infinitely well worth of the mother’s while to take some pains every day to secure, in the first place, that her children spend hours daily amongst rural and natural objects; and, in the second place, to infuse into them, or rather to cherish in them, the love of investigation.” 
Charlotte Mason, Volume 1, pg 71

I can have a tendency to become consumed with the ‘busyness of life’, the ‘to do’ lists, the mundane and then forget to make the time to see the world through the eyes of my children
Today I consciously stepped into the world of our younger boys, we headed down to our bush for a ramble and the boys explored whilst I observed

As I watched them investigate their surroundings it was fascinating to note what observations they made and objects they collected
Just a short ‘break’, an hour at most but most rewarding to immerse in a different pace

I came home renewed and tuned back into the world of our “small boys”

Life is good

12 Comments on Exploring With “Small Boys”

  1. What a beautiful way to spend the day! Hopefully they never grow out of that inquisitiveness and fascination with their surroundings.

    “Properly speaking, of course, there is no such thing as a return to nature, because there is no such thing as a departure from it. The phrase reminds one of the slightly intoxicated gentleman who gets up in his own dining room and declares firmly that he must be getting home.” GKC

  2. WOW, your photography is coming along so beautifully, Erin. I know you are working on it right now and it really, really shows. Well done to you. And well done to your beautiful little boys. They are something special. x

    • Bron
      That's just the sweetest thing to say and you've chuffed me no end:) Thank you! Aw and thanks, we believe they are rather special too xxx

  3. Just beautiful young boys…I'm just starting my journey of motherhood with two little boys {2 years and 7 months}. I can't wait to see how much children {and my family} will change and grow.

    • Shari
      Welcome:) Oh and what a wonderful journey you have begun. It's wonderful that you are blogging and documenting that journey too, I wish I had been more vigilant in documenting our journey in the younger years, even with just a private journal or the camera

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