Fabric Bin Love

Fabric bins are my latest love.  It began with three and then I couldn’t resist making more and yet more.

These bins reside in our learning room and house all craft supplies.  They look far more attractive than the previous jumble.

Keeping with my frugal theme, this was my first purchase, a double doona cover (comforter) for the princely sum of  $5. The liners were made from unwanted valances.

This bin is my absolute favourite by far! It sits in the games room and houses the playstation controls.  Far more sightly than the previous set up.

I just love these stripes, off set with the blue liner.  Both fabrics were my second purchase, a total of $4, and I still have plenty to make even more fabric bins!:)

With my original seven bins, this brings the total up to fourteen.  I’d love to make more bins in the blue and white stripes.  When I can just decide what I need more bins for:)

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  1. They look great! So clever.

  2. Holy smokes! Those are amazing! My first thought after seeing your first picture was "surely those are store bought!" Do you have a tutorial anywhere? Maybe on "it began with three" link…going there next…

  3. Awesome. I want some!! I am in dire need of some more storage 'containers' and these ones are so pretty.

  4. Love them! Make sure you let me know if you do a tutorial on them. Already imagining how many places I could use them.


  5. So cute! I made some fabric bins this summer too but they are not as cheerful and colorful as yours are. I like the handles you made, too.

  6. So glad you all like them:):)

    Did you find them under the links?
    maybe I need to make it clearer?

    The above link is the tutorial I have done previously, hope that helps.

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