Fabric Bins

I’ve been busy making fabric bins.  Due to the nature of our shelving (ex-school cupboards) standard size storage containers don’t fit.

The measurement calculations recommended were nearly perfect, although I had to still adjust my height. Making a paper template first is very helpful  (architects’ ‘cast offs’ are perfect) I’m a bit of a ‘cheater’, I cut the outer and the lining together, saving time.

After following the sizing directions suggested above I sewed the right sides together of both the outer and inner bins.  These bins used lots of material, I have a big space to fill!  Fortunately I’ve had stored fabric put aside and unwanted sheets.  I’m also scoring the op shops(thrift) for doona covers and sheets.

Initially I hadn’t intended to use cardboard in between the ‘bags’, but I discovered I needed to for durability. Suggestion is to glue the cardboard and fabric together, but I decided not to. Not keen on cardboard a friend suggested I source local real estate agents for old signage, I was successful!:) (cardboard in pic is template)

Once the ‘bags’ was sewn, I placed the ‘cardboard’ in flat before adding the lining ‘bag’.

Iron down your lining edges before trying to pin, I originally didn’t.  Sewing is quite a tricky maneuver but I managed.

Afterwards I then ‘pop up’ the ‘cardboard between the two ‘bags’.

I’ve made three so far:) My plan is to make enough for all the toys.

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  1. They look great Erin.

  2. They look great, and I love all the materials you've recycled to make something really useful.

  3. Thanks friends, making more, I've caught the bug:)

  4. Oh man, the diaper boxes in the twins' closet are my next victims.

  5. Sheena
    Love to see how they turn out:)

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