Fabric Boxes: Our Storage Solution

Successfully completing an organisation project always makes me happy. Last week I decided our dress up storage wasn’t working and I wanted a solution that involved minimising visual ‘clutter’.
Therefore it was time to make more fabric boxes, purchasing a few doona cases at garage sales I was began cutting.  Dividing the task over several days, I cut out sufficient material for 16 boxes, yep 16! 


This actually translates to 32 fabric ‘crosses’, as sewing includes a liner as well as the outer box.


Then there were also the 32 handles to cut and sew.  Handles are fiddly, always a relief to finish them.  Sewing madly on and off over a week I finally complete my storage solution!:)


Dress ups and toys, looking neat and tidy:) Next task is to create picture labels so the children can easily locate the items they want.
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6 Responses

  1. I'm so impressed! I love a good organization project show and tell!

  2. You are unbelievably industrious, Erin. I've been trying to see a hem for about 3 weeks now but can't seem to find the time. Your storage boxes are totally awesome. x

  3. These look amazing. Wow.

  4. Aw thanks my friends:):)

  5. I love this project. It looks amazing! (May have to copy in our new house, which has so much less storage space than our old one. :))

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