The fence along our driveway and around our orchard has been rotted for sometime, Spotted Gum is not a good choice when white ants are present. Michelangelo(15) decided the time had come for the fence to go, and forthwith he ‘marshaled the troops’ and organised his labour force    

Sometimes your children really surprise you in a pleasant way.  The children worked on this project for hours under the blazing sun, totally alone, with no assistance, no direction, as PC and I were busy with other projects

The bulk of the labour force was Michelangelo, Princess (13) and Jelly Bean (10), with help from the younger boys
We are so proud of the enthusiasm and stamina they displayed as they undertook this project

A team effort with all helping, including Bass (3) who is actually one of our best workers when any task is to be done

Our boys working together, Michelangelo teaching Jack Jack(8) ‘the ropes’
Reality is though, that Michelangelo has ‘man strength’ and provided the majority of the ‘muscle’
He was certainly exhausted by the day’s end

Finally, all rails down and posts pulled out, a much improved look

Job is only half done, then clean up begins. The trailer is filled several times and the loads driven to the bonfire site
Once again ‘brute strength’ is often needed, and a little ‘bounce’ to split rails into shorter lengths

Many hands do indeed make ‘light work’ and all timber and wire are picked up.  A tidy work site is left behind:)

A different view now but a pleasant one.
Well done Team, we are so proud of you, your initiative, stamina, team building and work ethic is impressive!!!

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  1. I am SO impressed! Such initiative and team work! You took great photos of the project, Erin. I can clearly see how hard the work was and what an accomplishment it was!

  2. WOW!!!! What a team. I think that initiative, ownership of a task, teamwork and follow through are such brilliant skills for anyone to have let alone children.I am super impressed. I am loving my visit to your place so far and cannot wait to explore further.

    • Kate
      Thanks, yes these are skills we've aimed for and now been told by their bosses (of the older children) that it's most appreciated. Welcome, and I'm loving your blog too:):)

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