Found: One Book Stand!

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On a recent weekend we made our way to the back of a local op-shop to deposit a box. Afterwards on our way out of the alley we noticed a metal stand at the back of a shop which had recently closed its doors. The stand had obviously been thrown out so PC quickly stopped the car and announced, “That would make a great bookstand.” (Isn’t he just perfect?:)

We bought it home and loaded it with books, the visual display is rather attractive. Alas the slots are not wide enough for picture books, it houses only chapter books. A great way to entice everyone with hither to unnoticed books. Some would call it strewing;)

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8 Responses

  1. Yes you may call it strewing…but I know one girl who would love to spend time with these, exploring the contents.
    God Bless

  2. Oh yes – totally you (and me) my dear!!!!!

  3. You're right – that bookstand looks great for strewing!

    Thanks for the unschooling links, Erin – they look like really interesting reading:)

  4. Hi Erin the book stand looks great 🙂

  5. I had one of these I found at a garage sale, but I got rid of it after a while as it just got in the way in our little house, it also only fitted very small novels in it so it was a little inconvenient in that respect.
    With all your room it should be a great asset!

  6. I'm sorry, I left drool on your new book display…but I was very careful not to get it on any precious books.

  7. Leanne
    It's working, they are picking up new books! Would love to have your girl come read with them:)

    We really would find lots to talk about, kindred spirits{}

    thought of you, love to hear what you think.

    The funny thing is I did look at it when the shop was selling all its contents and thought, too dear, but as it was going for free!;)

    I would have been very ecstatic if I could fit picture books, still my strewing is working:)

    You are so, so funny. My family all came to see why I was laughing so hysterically. Thank you for not drooling on my precious books;) 🙂

  8. What a fabulous find!

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