Jack Jack learnt to ride a bike yesterday!:)  He is so very happy to have mastered this skill:):)
He was on the cusp of riding about a year ago but the bikes have been lying idle since then.  Now having learnt to ride he is outside every spare moment, from early in the morning till dusk.  The above shots are from Day 2, yesterday’s would have shown JJ landing plenty of times in mud puddles, as our yard is so very wet but, as I consoled Jack Jack the best part of learning to ride when it is muddy is that he was guaranteed a soft fall rather than landing on the hard ground, evidently he agreed.  

3 Comments on Mastering Bike Riding

  1. Ingi
    How interesting, hadn't thought that it would affect him in gross motor skills.

    I love taking photos, I really need to spend more time doing so:)

  2. Love those pics! I'm a late learner – I was 29 when I learnt! Video Boy has taken ages to learn (the joys of dyspraxia and lack of big, wide, open soft space).

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