Ziba Came on a Boat – Liz Lofthouse
Based on actual events, a moving story of a little girl whose family has lost everything.  Ziba, her mother and other women and children from her tiny village escape the war in Afghanistan by travelling on an overcrowded fishing boat to a new land, a new life and freedom. Ziba dreams of what she is leaving behind and hopes for the future. Generated discussions with our children about refuges, what prompts them to flee their land to another.  Hopefully they understand how blessed we are in Australia and how brave the refugees are. Suitable for 5 – 9 yr olds. 4 Star

Old Magic – Allan Baillie
Grandfather cracks his old toy top to bring back his magic from the old country.  His grandson, a Chinese Australian boy learns to understand the place of his culture in his new Australian lifestyle. Clearly highlights issues migrant families face, maintaining cultural ties with their old country whilst finding a place within their new country.  Prompted solid discussions. Suitable for 5 – 9 yr olds. 4 Star

10 Comments on Migrant/Refugee Picture Books

  1. Marjorie
    Wow you are so knowledgeable about the books available and passionate about this topic 🙂
    We are blessed in Australia to have some wonderful books, perhaps due to our multiculturalism.
    Pouring over your list in depth.

  2. Ziba Came by Boat is a fantastic book. I talked about it in my paper about refuggee stories for children at the IBBY Congress in London a few years ago – http://mirrorswindowsdoors.org/wp/escaping-conflict-seeking-peace/ In fact, you have some wonderful refugee-story picture books in Austraila – I love Home and Away for oilder readers too.

    Old Magic sounds a wonderful story too – I will seek it out.

    Thank you for sharing this on the Diverse Children’s Books linkup.

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