A Montessori Moment

Just thought I’d share a ‘Montessori Moment’ with the children. Princess is matching tastes. Using some old homeopathic bottles I filled them with different flavours, peppermint essence, vanilla, vinegar etc, the children really love this activity. On the bottom of the bottles are matching stickers to check for self-correction after they have made their selection. (If you note the tray the bottles are sitting it was a recent op-shop bargain, I found three sturdy timber trays with vinyl covering for $3 each!)

A concentrated moment here. I find it most interesting how Michelangelo (9) loves to re-visit the easier activities, as well as enjoying new ones, here he is threading beads.

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  1. I love this *action* shot of your daughter testing the Montessori taste bottles 🙂

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