Joining Elisa Loves in a Nature Walk
Standing on my verandah

I see two roos sizing each other up
Deciding who is King of the Bush
Mock fighting for the title
Using tails for balance

Kicking and clawing

We realise anew how blessed we are to live in the bush.

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  1. Unreal!! That must be so amazing to see the roos from your veranda! The photos are perfect.

    I agree – you really are blessed to live where you do!

    God bless, Erin:-)

  2. Erin,

    We have wallabies in the bush near our house. Sometimes they hop down the road. But we have never seen anything like the action in your photos! You have caught everything so beautifully.

  3. Wow!! For us Americans, these animals are so foreign!! I would freak out if I saw them in my back yard…but maybe they are no more unusual for you, than seeing a couple of deer is, for us. Thanks for linking up!! =)

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