We have finally moved the cupboards off the northern verandah, out of the weather where they have been getting damaged.

They now reside in our dining room.  All rather squishy in there:)

The rain gutters on the end of the house are hung, a bigger rain catchment for the tank.

The downpipes construction is temporary but very neatly done.  Just until we dig another trench on the front side of the house. For now it runs into the back trench.
The winter sun is so inviting PC has cancelled all internal jobs and has rearranged the ‘work schedule’ to focus on outside tasks.  First up is laying the joists on the verandah on the North End.

5 Comments on The North End

  1. K
    Does make sense

    THANK YOU for your enthusiasm

    It is they have learnt so much from sawing logs to roofing to plumbing.

    Ah my list;) I love ticking off jobs!

  2. I have loved watching your home come together. Its almost been like being there, again Erin thanks for sharing with us. Your photos are great. leanne

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