Today heralds the beginning of a new Church Year, ushered in by the First Sunday of Advent.  Advent is a time of Expectation, a time to Prepare for the Birth of Christ. As with any major event, a little bit of organisation aids tremendously in success.  Inspired by Gae’s Advent/Christmas Bumper Ideas Edition and Jenn’s Prepare Now posts, (posts which I often refer too) I thought to collate our previous plans and celebrations into a semblance of order, as we begin Advent.

Open Letter:
Creating Advent Traditions 2009

Advent/Christmas Book Lists:
Aussie Christmas Titles
Books for St Nicholas
Christmas with Golden Books & Joan Gale Thomas
Christmas Library Selection
Christmas Selections From Our Town Library
Destination Bethlehem
Family Christmas Favourites
Focus on the Nativity
More Nativity Peeks
Tomie de Paola’s Christmas Titles

Advent Checklist 2009
Planning- 1st Week of Advent 2009
Planning – 2nd Week of Advent 2009
Planning – 3rd Week of Advent 2009
Planning – 4th Week of Advent 2009
Checklist for Advent Preparations – Week One 2007

Christmas Guest Post Series – 2011

Celebrating Advent 2010
It’s Definitely Not Snowing Here 2009 (Humorous Story of an Advent Wreath)
‘Twas Nearly the Night Before Christmas 2008

Feast Days in Advent/Christmas Season:
St Barbara – 4th December
Celebrating the Feast of St Barbara 2012
St Barbara’s Tower 2011
Feast of St Barbara 2008
Feast of St Barbara 2007

St Nicholas – 6th December
The Feast of St Nicholas 2012
Celebrating the Feast of St Nicholas 2011
Blessings on the Feast of the Epiphany 2008

Collating these posts is fascinating as I see I’ve been big on recording the planning and not the Celebrations.  As I intend to do more of the later this Advent, be sure to check back in as I update ‘this space.’
*ETA: List is continually being updated, last updated November 2013.

10 Comments on O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

  1. Erin,

    I can see Tomie dePaola's books on your list!!! We love these so much. Such beautiful pictures and all those authentic Catholic details. They are enjoyed by everyone regardless of age.

  2. We love the Tomie dePaola books too! And, we have most of the Catholic Mosaic books, which are, of course, such a treasure. This year, we've begun a Jesse Tree – first time we've done one, and we're really enjoying it. I downloaded the book from Ann Voskamp's site, at: It's an absolute gem! Hope to catch up with you before Christmas – must organise a BBQ one day. God bless, Linda.

  3. Hey some Tomie dePaola fans:)

    Just read about your Jesse tree, well done:)

    Can't believe I haven't been recording the celebrations as much as the ideas!

  4. I clicked on the link to your "definitely not snowing here" Advent wreath and had to laugh. As someone used to skating and skiing at Christmas it's quite different imagining one with heat, BBQs, or beach trips in the Southern Hemisphere. It looks like you arrange a beautiful and meaningful Advent for your family!

  5. Sarah

    I hopped over to visit you, what a lovely blog you have:) and you chat about my two of my biggest interests books and renovating. Caught my attention immediately:)

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