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Wrapping up this year’s Aussie NBTS Blog Hop by taking you on a tour of our Learning Spaces. Our home is a ‘house still under construction’, we are slowly melding ‘two houses’ together, some rooms are still awaiting their floorboards, the finishing touches are far from done and decorating is not my forte. However we’ve built our home ourselves and filled it with lots of love.

We gather in our learning room to use the blackboard for various language arts instructions, and the younger children sit at the the desk for some of their lessons.  The smaller table on the right is used by our littlest ones.  The cupboards house the children’s books in daily use and the stationary.


The cupboards under the window contain the art, craft and sewing supplies, also toys suitable for our fourteen month old.
Whilst we have a learning room currently, I want to assure readers that it is not necessary to have one to homeschool, for a number of years we didn’t and I’m not sure how I will lay out our learning spaces when we finish our extensions as what we currently have could be condensed.
Just to the right of the learning room is the toyroom, with plenty of toys and dress ups for the children to play with, they are just a ‘step around the corner’ from us when we are working in the learning room.
The first door to the left of the learning room leads into our library.  We are indeed blessed to have thousands of books, mostly finds from book sales.  This is a quiet area to retreat to and it is usual to find at least one reader in there.
The second door on the left of the learning room is our study. Our teenagers do much of their studies in this room and they find it a benefit that the door can close out the noise of younger children.  The older three children also have desks in their bedrooms to study quietly at.  The younger children use the computers for their maths study.
A buyers tip: most of our computers where purchased for $50-75 from our local council’s auction site. A great way for anyone to purchase start up computers.


Reading time always finds us in the loungeroom, snuggling up and enjoying many books together:)
(You can’t hear the noise level but be assured it’s not always a quiet time)
Learning is not only academic, board games and pool games in the Games Room have also many lessons for the children to learn.
Without a doubt building a house has created many learning opportunities for our children.  The various skills involved, teamwork and tenacity amongst them.
Living on a rural property also affords many opportunities for learning whether it be working together on a farm project
or playing together.
We are blessed to have many learning spaces.
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24 Responses

  1. Loved seeing your learning space Erin 🙂 It's gorgeous. I'm in the process of rearranging our space so it's rather cluttered still today. It's amazing watching your children grow too. Thank you so much for sharing You have a beautiful family and I look forward to one day spending some time with you over a cuppa tea and enjoying some of your library treasures

    • Chareen, nothing like rearranging your learning space to make a hsing mama's heart happy:) Aw thank you{} Would be so awesome to chat and talk books:)

  2. We have a ridiculous amount of books but your library? You put me to shame! (Or make me feel so much better, depending on my mood 😉

    • Lydia
      A fellow book lover! Welcome:) I know what you mean, I swing between realising how lucky I am and a little embarrassed

  3. Thank you for the tour, what a haven of learning. I gasped when I saw the library, I would love to brouse. It seems so well laid out from experience and necessity, I'm sure.

    • Mary
      It is laid out well, according to genre, it has to be, though even then books are sometimes misplaced.

  4. Love this glimpse Erin. I think I have seen a photo of your library before on your post but it still takes my breath away looking at all of those delicious books!

  5. Awesome Erin, I confess I love looking into other peoples homes.

  6. I LOVE Your Library!!! We have a lot of books too. Probably about 1/2 as much as you have. We've been limited by space but if I had more room I wouldn't be able to stop myself hehehe. Thanks for this glimpse into your learning spaces.

  7. I'll say it again… it's so interesting to see how you make it all work. What a blessing to have so many spaces dedicated to school stuff and lessons work!

    • Theresa
      It is a blessing and part of that is building ourselves we know how homes work differently for hsing families

  8. I'm so impressed with that library, it's quite amazing! It's great that you have so much space with so much purpose.

  9. Oh I am sooo jealous of your library! So great to see your learning spaces, thanks for sharing!

  10. All your learning centers are great, what an adventure to build your own home and how wonderful the kids get to build along with you…now that is learning!

  11. Oh, that library! I'm drooling over here. Love your spaces!

  12. Loved seeing your library. It's awesome.

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