Our Montessori Space

After our successful Montessori activites I was inspired to have ‘Montessori shelves’. Our house is small so space is at a premium. Looking around I found a place under the entertainment unit where I could store activities together. First though I needed to pull everything out that was crammed under there.

Of course this then created a problem of where to place the games and puzzles removed from the unit. After thinking about it I found a shelf in the linen cupboard that could fit in some of the games if rearranged. Some games were sat on top of a bookcase.

Here is my cupboard containing all the manipulatives and educational games, plus our new Montessori activities; for the under nine’s set. Lots of early reading games, wooden puzzles and maths cubes are a few of the boxes that are now grouped together and everything is flowing much smoother.

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  1. I Love your little Montessori space, it’s lovely! I see that little cutie is already exploring!! Love it!

  2. I like the action shots 😉 It’s fun to see the kids in action when you work so hard to make the space theirs 🙂

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