A portrait of our children, once a week, every week in 2015

This week I decided joining instagram was a must.  However my phone camera is a sad, sad item, think pixel horror, however a little research informed me that I could join via my computer, just a couple more steps were involved.  I was happier with that as I’d prefer to use my regular camera rather than a phone camera, happily I downloaded bluestacks, but ran into a problem when it appeared my ip address was considered a proxy.  Confused? so was I;) ‘Long and short’ was I reluctantly gave up my instagram idea but… my darling husband meanwhile went and purchased me a new phone with a much better camera, what a sweetheart!!  So stay tuned for an instagram link when I’m up and rolling.
This week I’ve been working on mastering metering and histograms, don’t I sound knowledgeable;) I suspect I’m only understanding a fraction of what I’m meant to, though my eye is slowly seeing the differences.
 I have lots of willing ‘subjects’ and I fell in love with this photo of Jem
Bella’s cuteness generally overshadows any imperfections in my photography, just love her little boots, she’s the tenth child to wear them:)


Autumn here and the weather’s still lovely, action shots are tricky
Bass just loves splashing about at the local Pool in town, though the background is too dark I can’t believe I captured water droplets!:)
Our Princess, beautiful as always, I obviously have more to learn regards light.

11 thoughts on “Outdoors

  • We have those same little boots. Ours have only made it through 6 kids though, I'm going to have to buy/find a new pair for our little fellow. What would toddlerhood be without a pair of little boots!

  • Oh you will LOVE instagram! Its my fav form of social media. So much less drama that Facebook or Twitter! Look me up when you get on – @jandrdeutscher – I try not to over spam with pics of my kids BUT I'm not promising anything once the new baby gets here!

  • Love the pictures! What type of tree is Jem sitting in? Those leaves look very similiar to an indoor plant that my dad has and I'm wondering if it's really a tree that grows in Australia. Of course, I will have to look up the name of the indoor plant as I can't remember.

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