Photography Challenge Showcase – Week 1

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Day 1: A photo from a high angle

Day 2: A photo from a low angle

Day 3: A photo of changing light

Taken at sunrise

Day 4: A photo of something close up

Day 5: A photo of something from a distance

*This is where I totally fell in LOVE with my tripod!!

Day 6: A photo of focusing on eyes

Day 7: A photo depicting an emotion

*Always willing to be helpful, such a showman. lol.

Join the party fun by simply sharing your post link below.  Next Monday join us in showcasing Challenges 8-14.


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19 Responses

  1. That's a gorgeous shot of the moon!

  2. He's still the entertaining showman, I see! 🙂

    Great effort – I'm still enjoying my camera, too – and still figuring it out!

  3. These are great! Doesn't a tripod make SUCH a difference? I have yet to get a good moon shot, though. Yours is beautiful!

  4. Sarah
    Thank you:) I really enjoyed playing around with lots of diff shots.

    Is he destined for the stage? the pulpit?;)
    Have lots of fun, pst read the manual, surprising help;)

    Check out my irl local friend's
    her photography is awesome!!
    but yes, the tripod diff was huge. First moon shoot without tripod was a blob, with tripod! unbelievable!!!

  5. Love the sunrise photo!

  6. My favourite is day two, great photo of all your boys together.

  7. Anonymous

    Yay! I was waiting and waiting for your post! Love the photo of the kids upside down on the lounge. That would have been a good photo from a high or low shot too.
    Here's mine.

  8. Anonymous

    sorry, don't know why it didn't come up as a link.

  9. I really like the photo of the moon.

    God bless.

  10. Great photos, Erin 🙂 It was fun doing mine and I think I actually might have learnt something!

    Here's the link

    Looking forward to next week's tips. Thank you for hosting this 🙂

  11. Great job, need to organise mine yet.

  12. I fell off the wagon last week. Is it ok if I do my week 1 this week?

  13. Vicky,

    you have all week really

    that's fine:):)

  14. These are great! What tripod do you have? I'd like a light, easy-to-use one.

  15. Elisa
    It is a SilkF630, came as part of the camera bundle I bought. It is light and I'm finding it easy now I figured it out. I'm rather techno challenged.
    wow I can't believe you found my blog!:) I love your blog and love your photography!

  16. I love your photos, Erin, especially the one of your daughter reading in the box.

  17. I love your photos, can't wait to see more! :):)

  18. I have put my link in now!

  19. Hi Erin

    I love your photo's

    I would love to join in but internet no good here 🙁

    I will try get into town this weekend to upload my pics.

    PS Congrats on your 100 000 page views

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