Anybody who knows me knows I love to chat, I’m an extrovert, I become energized by conversation with others; my husband, my children, friends, strangers or even myself 😉 I often come away buzzed, thinking, mulling and chatting about our conversation.

So when Pam from Homeschool Snapshots Podcast asked if I would be a guest speaker, explaining all I needed to do was talk, I was in, talk is something I can do. Pam and I chatted away just as if we were sitting together on my verandah, looking over the bush having a cuppa together. We discussed; home education with many of all ages, the importance of good habits (always a work in progress), our favourite family read alouds and how to nurture mama.

Grab a cuppa or a cool glass of water and join us, if nothing else you can laugh at my Aussie accent. I really didn’t think I had one but ‘blow me down’ I can hear it, I have an accent. Pam says I sound a little like ‘Crocodile’ Dundee and she’s right!
After you’ve joined us Pam has plenty of other podcasts you may also like to check out.

9 Comments on Podcast Interview With…Me

  1. Yay!!!! I was wondering if I had missed this during the blog hiatus I had taken. So glad I didn't! I've got listening to this on my To-Do List for the day 🙂

  2. Thank you for this today! I've just "finished" my first year ever to homeschool my youngest, already 11 yo! My lack of discipline keeps me from accomplishing much beyond the basics. I do love read aloud though, and she reads quietly all the time! In my mind, I have glorious aspirations. In reality, it's nowhere near that level! Now I see that I'm laid back, more towards unschooling. And to hear how that's okay lifts me up. Thank you again!

    • Candy
      It is hard to be tough on ourselves at times, encouraging you.
      Reading aloud sows so many seeds, reaping many benefits. You're welcome.

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