Making Chainmail

Recently the children had the opportunity to be introduced to the art of making chainmail. They were so taken with this they have set up their own chainmail production line. First Carpenter manufactured a ‘gizmo’, using a piece of metal the thickness they wanted for their links. Tie wire is wound around the ‘gizmo’ about […]

Small Successess (20)

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. 1I have finally got satellite connection again.After nearly a month. 2The children are writing daily reports.This is my achievement as much as theirs. 3I have created Michelangelo’s birthday party invitations.And emailed them.I also have […]

Our Workbox Adaptions

A few months back there were discussions on 4Real regarding workboxes. I particularly liked the following idea which is more suitable for a large family and limited space. When I discussed the idea with PC we thought it would be too much work setting up and monitoring. Eventually I did set up a system but […]