Floorboards For A Bedroom

A few weekends back we turned out attentions towards flooring bedrooms. We are ‘on the home run’ now with only three rooms, all bedrooms to go! Which is fortunate as we are also nearing the end of our floorboard stacks. All timbers piles were dismantled and boards sorted into lengths. First up we began with […]

Receiving The Sacrament of Confirmation

Last month our two youngest boys, Jem 9 and Bass 7 received the Sacrament of Confirmation, the second of the three sacraments of Christian initiation into the Catholic Church. Confirmation completes Baptism, by which in the laying on of hands and the anointing with Chrism Oil, which first happened at Baptism, we are confirmed with the […]

Laying the Hallway

  Back in May when we finished flooring the Poolroom, we instantly turned our attentions to flooring the Hallway. Whilst the hallway is only narrow and not a large area to cover and you’d assume it wouldn’t take long to floor, it’s width created it’s own issues. As per our standard practice flooring involves a […]

Bushfire, Evacuation & Desolation

It’s nearly a fortnight now since The Fire began and we’ve only just regained our equilibrium. It began as an ordinary weekday and finished in a whole ‘nother way. Wednesday 15th – Feast of the Assumption Actually it wasn’t an ordinary day it was the Feast of the Assumption, so we began the day by […]

Loungeroom Receives Floorboards

After laying floorboards in our Great Hall and Pool Room we immediately moved onto laying the loungeroom floor. I’m just a month behind in sharing pictures 😉  I was particularly excited to give this room a makeover as it had become my least favourite room in the house. It was doing double duty as a loungeroom and […]