All About Spelling: Level 7

* I received a copy of All About Spelling Level 7 in exchange for a review of this product. The following is an honest review of our family’s experience using it. This post contains affiliate links, we gratefully appreciate your support.¬†   To any who have been reading my blog for a time it will […]

My Daybook: 14th June, 2017

Can hardly believe two months have gone by since my last post! In over eleven years of blogging this is the longest I’ve gone without writing, I thought a Daybook would be a good way to break the ‘blogging drought’ ūüôā Outside my window… the rain is still pouring down, it has been torrential for […]

12 Books To Experience Roman Britain

This year Jelly Bean (12) is using Our Island Story – HE Marshall¬†as her history text, she loves the way history is bought to life by¬†this author. A large component of our history studies always includes a selection of living books and thus I set out to gather what books I could source for Roman […]

My Daybook: 13th March, 2017

Outside my window… it’s dark even though it’s after 6am. Autumn has begun strongly and the days are already much shorter I am thankful… for our two new Parish priests, they arrived in late last year full of ideas and enthusiasm which are now being enacted upon. Lots of energy is being focused on our […]

Don’t Say Boo To A Goose

I’ve been keen for several months to get back into the flow so when I read Boo to A Goose – Mem Fox this week, the collage illustration of the goose just begged to be created and thus we spontaneously dived in to enjoy a new¬†Book and Activity. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s […]

Read Only For A Week: Our Pick-A-Read Challenge

Recently we suspended our regular learning routine for a week to try something a little different. We have a few children whose reading skills are in want of attention; we’ve a child who simply needs encouragement to blossom, another who can functionally read though¬†not at age level and never for pleasure, another who teeters on […]

Transitions Within Our Home Education

Over the past few weeks we’ve been chatting about a variety of ‚Äėnot back to school‚Äė topics with other fellow Aussie home educating families, hosted by Kylie from¬†Our World Wide Classroom. We’ve shared¬†our Goals for Our¬†Year Ahead, we’ve reflected on¬†They Way We Learn¬†and listed a huge line up of the¬†Resources We Are Using, this week […]