My Daybook: 16th November, 2017

Outside my window… All is still, the chooks (chickens) free range in the paddock nearby where the kangaroos normally graze each morning I am thankful… for my husband and children 🙂 We recently enjoyed a week together on our family holidays, my heart just swells watching our children all together, interacting, loving. We enjoyed at […]

My Daybook: 17th February, 2017

Outside my window… summer days are blazing. Today the temp is 31C/88F and we are so, so grateful for the cooler weather after the weekend’s heatwave. We experienced two days of record breaking heat with the temp in our area at 45C/113F and even hotter in other parts of Australia, around the nation bushfires raged […]

My Daybook: 11th January, 2017

Outside my window… it’s early morning, enjoying the soft light of the sunrise as it filters across the paddock. Appreciating the morning coolness before the day heats up, it’s going to be an another scorcher of a day, temperature is set to rise to 38C/100F I am thankful… that our boys were able to spend […]

My Daybook: 10th November, 2016

Outside my window… it’s a cooler evening, the hot ‘bushfire winds’ from earlier in the week have been broken by fierce thunderstorms I am thankful… to have been able to enjoy the gift of motherhood, I’m most conscious that many women/couples suffer from fertility issues and so I never, ever take this gift for granted I […]