Start Homeschooling Summit Starts Today!

The Start Homeschooling Summit  starts today!!!! I’m so excited and eagerly looking forward to listening to all the workshops, counting the hours. I’ve been home educating for a long time and I can sure do with a boost and inspiration. As I shared last week we’ve 34 presenters from around the world chatting about a huge variety […]

I’m Talking At…..The Start Homeschooling Summit

Exciting news…….I’m chatting in another online Summit, this time in the Start Homeschooling Summit. Sharing ways in which to Create Balance & Preserve Sanity. Chatting about the realities of home educating and mothering ten children. Sharing the struggles, the constant juggling and ways we can meet the massive challenges we face. Essentially some of the […]

Announcing… The First Ever….. Australian Homeschooling Summit

I’m so excited, I’ve such exciting news to share with you, I’m jumping out of my skin with anticipation!!! Australia is to hold it’s first ever Australian Homeschooling Summit!   Further jumping out of skin news… I’m going to be one of the workshop presenters 🙂 🙂 Talking about…. ‘Nurturing a Love of Literature’ within your family. I’ll […]

How to Raise a Family of Readers – Guest Posting

I’m certain it’s apparent to all that we’re rather passionate about books and reading here. Reading in our household is an integral part of our family culture and highly valued. Simply, reading is something we do as a family. Today I’m chatting over at Sunlit Pages about how PC and I have fostered a love of books and reading within each […]

Podcast Interview With…Me

Anybody who knows me knows I love to chat, I’m an extrovert, I become energized by conversation with others; my husband, my children, friends, strangers or even myself 😉 I often come away buzzed, thinking, mulling and chatting about our conversation. So when Pam from Homeschool Snapshots Podcast asked if I would be a guest speaker, […]

Sharing Over……

Today I am sharing over at Carrots for Michalmas about rather a personal topic, one that needs to be talked about and yet due to the nature of the subject matter doesn’t often get a lot ‘of airing’. Haley has been courageous enough to open the discussion. So I’ve taken a big breath and nervously shared part of […]

Still Chatting Elsewhere

Recently I began a conversation over at And Then There Were Four about ‘teaching helping skills.’  The conversation  has continued and concludes “It is heartening indeed when your children take ownership in their jobs, not only completing it to satisfaction but having a real sense of pride in their ability.” I’d love to thank Multiple Mum for […]