“Most” Posts of 2013

Joining in with a link up over at Sarah’s, sharing our “most’ posts in the following five categories, Sarah does indeed like to issue challenges. Post with the most clicks Top clicks goes to Mega List of Lent/Easter books with 1931 clicks!!  Not sure where all these clicks are coming from, pinterest, spam..?? This totally […]

Creating Synergy

Whilst co-ops are an important resource for many home educators in the States, they don’t play a major role in Australia, although they exist in the major cities I haven’t experienced any in rural Australia.  Periodically local home education groups may gather and parents share and impart skills, but formal co-ops certainly haven’t been part […]

2012 Homeschool Blog Awards

It’s once again voting time at the Homeschool Blog Awards:)  The concept of blog awards can create a funny feeling for some and I respect their viewpoint, but I firmly believe that any blogger who ‘picks up the keyboard’, writes thoughtfully, respectfully, circumspectly  and well is already  a winner.  The blog awards are an opportunity to […]

Versatile Blogger Award

My friend Becky at Academy of the Good Shepherd has awarded me ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’.  It’s always a surprise to be awarded an award. a lovely surprise:)  Glad to know I must talk about something other than books and building;)  Thank you Becky. Rules for the Versatile Blogger are: Thank the person who gave you the […]

My May Photography Challenge

Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion it is vitally important to be involved in a creative pursuit, an opportunity to ‘re-boot’. During the last few months I have turned my creative energies towards photography, keen to improve my skills.  Whilst ‘chopping off heads’ is a ‘skill’ of the past, I have plenty of […]