Start Homeschooling Summit Starts Today!

The Start Homeschooling Summit  starts today!!!! I’m so excited and eagerly looking forward to listening to all the workshops, counting the hours. I’ve been home educating for a long time and I can sure do with a boost and inspiration. As I shared last week we’ve 34 presenters from around the world chatting about a huge variety […]

2016 The Year That Was: 2017 The Year That Will Be

Every blogger is motivated to write for differing reasons. When I began blogging twelve years ago my initial impetus was to record glimpses of our family life and whilst that vision has shifted to encompass a bigger picture, much of the ‘family diary’ flavour remains. After spending the first couple of days of this year unable to recall […]

My Daybook: 8th September, 2016

Outside my window… Spring has arrived, my favourite season of the year, I love Spring with its perfect weather and fresh possibilities I am thankful… that our children are blessed to have such a fantastic father, I never, ever take this for granted. He teaches them so much, not only the obvious such as skills, but virtues, more […]

How to Raise a Family of Readers – Guest Posting

I’m certain it’s apparent to all that we’re rather passionate about books and reading here. Reading in our household is an integral part of our family culture and highly valued. Simply, reading is something we do as a family. Today I’m chatting over at Sunlit Pages about how PC and I have fostered a love of books and reading within each […]

Instagram Tour: Australian Outback and Out West

I’d love you to join me for an instagram tour a follow on from our blog tours, it’s time today to have a visual fest. Whilst I read/follow a variety of blogs and instagrams I’m particularly drawn to some more than others, which I’m certain is the same for most of us, why some blogs and instagram […]