‘Why I Write’

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A ‘Why I Write’ meme is doing the rounds of Aussie bloggers at present and I’ve been tagged.  Okay well not personally but when Mel and Bron invited me with an “if you  haven’t yet been tagged, we’d love to … Continued

1000 Posts!

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One THOUSAND posts!! I can’t believe it! Who ever knew I had so much to say?! Okay PC you can stop laughing now… yes I know you knew… I began blogging in September 2006, so that’s 8 years of memories … Continued

What Makes a Blog Captivating?

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Captivate: to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; There is a multitude of variety and quality of blogs in cyberspace to peruse and enjoy, something for everyone.  Why a certain blog captivates an … Continued

11, 11.. Meme – Tagged Again

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Willa and Chari have responded to the 11,11 meme I sent a while back.  Reading their answers was thoroughly fascinating!  Thank you dear friends, for participating and sharing:) It appears they have tagged me back, oh help.. I not only have … Continued

Changes Within Blogosphere

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Last week I chatted about the Challenges of Blogging and was astounded to receive 19 responses, an all time high for my blog!  Even more thrilling was hearing from people whom I had no idea even read my blog!  And the responses … Continued

The Challenges of Blogging

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When I objectively reflect on blogging I conclude it is rather an odd pastime and yet, it is a powerful and popular component of social media today.  There are a huge variety of blogs in cyberspace of varying degrees of … Continued

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