When Drop Down Menus Won’t Work

The humour of me giving blogger technical tips hasn’t escaped me, however I’d like to share a few tips I’ve recently re-learnt. My technical knowledge is random, I’m quite technically challenged in some basic areas and yet lately I’ve been reading and discerning html code and am going to chat on the topic. I’m still shaking […]

A Reader Survey: Results

A couple of weeks ago I asked for your help filling in a survey which many of you kindly did. I received nearly 60 responses which I thought a reasonable number for a small blog. It was a lovely surprise to hear from readers who normally never comment, when you took the time to fill […]

Love to Hear Your Voice: A Reader Survey

Can you believe nine years have passed since I first picked up the pen keyboard here! Some months the words and pictures have flowed easily and frequently, other months sparsely.  One thing is a certainty though, I’m so glad (and so is my family) that I’ve continued blogging all these years. What memories I’ve captured […]

Your Favourite Posts and Mine of 2014

As the year draws to a close it’s interesting to look back and note what posts resonated with you my readers, sometimes your favourites are mine, sometimes not.  It’s often a surprise to me which posts are the most popular, sometimes it’s the ones I labour long and hard over, often it’s the posts I […]

‘Why I Write’

A ‘Why I Write’ meme is doing the rounds of Aussie bloggers at present and I’ve been tagged.  Okay well not personally but when Mel and Bron invited me with an “if you  haven’t yet been tagged, we’d love to hear your thoughts” I took that as, they really, really wanted to hear from me;) […]

1000 Posts!

One THOUSAND posts!! I can’t believe it! Who ever knew I had so much to say?! Okay PC you can stop laughing now… yes I know you knew… I began blogging in September 2006, so that’s 8 years of memories and thoughts to share, so fair enough I think. Blogging has been a journey, I’ve […]

What Makes a Blog Captivating?

Captivate: to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; There is a multitude of variety and quality of blogs in cyberspace to peruse and enjoy, something for everyone.  Why a certain blog captivates an individual is rather subjective, why a blog captivates my interest and how it holds my […]

11, 11.. Meme – Tagged Again

Willa and Chari have responded to the 11,11 meme I sent a while back.  Reading their answers was thoroughly fascinating!  Thank you dear friends, for participating and sharing:) It appears they have tagged me back, oh help.. I not only have to answer but think up some more questions… The Meme Rules 1. Post these rules […]