Blog Review 2012

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Looking back over the year via your blog is always rather interesting.  This year I thought rather than share your favourite posts (my stat button isn’t allowing me to look at the year’s favourites) I’d share my favourites:)  Sometimes my … Continued

A Bit of Fun…11 & 11 & 11 & 11

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As I’ve now been tagged twice for the following meme I thought it time to join the fun.  Thanks to Chareen and Eden for thinking of me:) The Rules: Post these rules. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random facts … Continued

Heee Heee Meme

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Vicky has tagged me for the Heee Heee Meme intended to spread laughter and hilarity throughout blogland. This meme is Victor‘s brain child, any surprise;) 1. You must write the Meme whilst looking somewhat ridiculous. Whatever you do to look and … Continued

Shared Posts (1)

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Whilst many lamented the demise of shared items in google reader and we began searching for a solution, my friend Gae offered to host a weekly sharing of posts, feel free to come over and join the party. The following … Continued

My Book Love

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Visitors to our home instantly realise that books are an integral part of our family culture, as would readers of my blog:)  I simply cannot remember a time I have not loved the printed word. Family folklore is, I taught … Continued

Homeschooling Meme

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Imagine my surprise and delight when Jeanne tagged me for a meme.  I was so honoured to read she was interested to hear from me!  So…  1. One homeschooling book you have enjoyed Over the years I have read a … Continued

Managing My Screen Time

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Carving out computer time for Mama is always a juggle and takes ingenuity.  Prior to Bass’ birth the bulk of my computer time was mostly  early morning before the family arose.  After his birth this time no longer worked, and … Continued

Blog Review 2010

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Looking back over the year it is interesting to note which blog posts were most popular with my readers.  By no means are these the ones I receive the most comments for, in fact some of the most popular posts … Continued

Blogs/Website Active Again:)

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What a surprise to be back blogging!  Tuesday morning I awoke to discover I could not access my google reader, due to “suspicious activity.”  Imagine my horror when I flicked open my blogs and websites to discover  they had been … Continued

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