Covering Books With Plastic: Dust Jackets

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Amongst my friends I have a reputation for being rather passionate about covering books, all books, with quality book plastic. I’m ahem, known for borrowing a book off a friend and returning it covered, some friends visit with their books … Continued

Reading Goals: 2015

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Reading for me is a passion, it’s simply a non-negotiable, some people must eat chocolate, I must read, well I must consume chocolate too;) I learnt to read at the age of four (so my mother informs me) and I’ve … Continued

Book Bargains

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Saturday saw Princess and I attending a local book sale.  We scored 5 bags of books for $6!!  We only paid for one bag at the unbelievable price of $6 a bag, incredibly all children’s books are free!!   Our … Continued

My Book Love

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Visitors to our home instantly realise that books are an integral part of our family culture, as would readers of my blog:)  I simply cannot remember a time I have not loved the printed word. Family folklore is, I taught … Continued

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