Year in Books 2014: Highlights

I always enjoy the book chat that abounds at this time of the year. Casting a look over my own Goodreads I see that once again I’ve read at least 200 books during the past year, as I wasn’t always diligent in recording I know I read more. Taking a look at your readings in its yearly entirety can be a […]

Library Opening Day Finally Arrives!

Finally “No more sleeps”, the long awaited day arrived yesterday.  Our town’s brand new library is open.  Jelly Bean and Jem had the distinction of being the first members of the public through the doors too! With the other children following closely. We immediately headed to the children’s section.  Light, spacious and inviting.  No longer […]

2013 Year in Books: Highlights

Reflections posts on ‘Books Read in 2013’ are beginning to appear in my feedly,  some of my favourite type of chats.  Goodreads record I have read 200 books this year so I’m joining the chatter.  As 200 is a fair amount I’ve chosen a few highlights from each month to share, focusing on adult literature. […]

Immersion in Quality Literature

My childhood home was a home of books; thousands of books, I don’t recall many picture books, but we had shelves of quality novels mixed with twaddle. These surrounds encouraged my own love of reading. Making the decision early on to home educate our children, I began reading about home education approaches and knew our […]