Liturgical Year Resources – Spreadsheet

A few years ago my friend Anne inspired me when she shared how she had compiled an inventory of her collection of saint books. Anne’s aim was to utilize her library to the fullest with her children. As I could relate to the feeling of owning many wonderful books but knowing they were not being […]

Book Care – Covering Without a Dust Jacket

Family and friends tease me about being rather ‘obsessed’ with covering books. I confess, it is true. I learnt this trick at my mother’s knee. Mum covered her books with a clear builder’s plastic, books that are in still good condition today. Covering really does add to the life of your books. I buy ‘clear […]

Loveliness Fair – Children’s Books

Books abound in our home. Picture and chapter books of all genres. Adventures, mysteries, fantasy, classics, history, nature… Good quality books is our mantra. Books that feed the mind and nourish the soul. Books that contain illustrations that capture the children’s imagination and are rich in language. We were blessed to receive a large amount […]

Reading in Our House During 2007

Our family is a ‘reading family’. Not a day would go by without seeing various members reading throughout the day and everyone curls up in bed with a book at night. Books spill out the book shelves and are stacked in various piles throughout the house. Boxes are constantly being carried back and forth between […]

What I have been busy doing

I’ve been busy this last fortnight spending many hours entering our personal library into a database. Using Readerware I have been able to create a book database by scanning in the barcode(thank you Prince Charming for the scanner) or entering the ISBN of our books. In many cases I have typed in author and title […]